2011 Sponsors

National Center for Earth-Surface Dynamics
National Center for Earth-surface Dynamics (www.nced.umn.edu)
The National Center for Earth-surface Dynamics (NCED) is a NSF Science and Technology Center established in 2002 and is a partnership of research and educational institutions, government agencies, and industry that pursues its goal of predictive Earth-surface science by integrating physical, biological, and social sciences to understand how landscapes and ecosystems evolve together. The Center was developed to build our predictive ability, and therefore our scientific understanding, of the near-surface Earth environment. Through the development of this knowledge, we aim to transform management and restoration of the Earth-surface environment.


Sponsor - SAFL
St. Anthony Falls Laboratory, University of Minnesota (www.safl.umn.edu)
SAFL is the world's only fluid-mechanics laboratory that uses a natural waterfall as its prime water source. For nearly 70 years researchers from around the world have been visiting our unique location on an island in the Mississippi River to conduct research for developing innovative and sustainable engineering solutions to major environmental, water resources, and energy-related problems.


Sponsor - Interfluve
Inter-Fluve, Inc. (www.interfluve.com)
Inter-Fluve, Inc. is an environmental engineering firm that specializes in sustainable design, restoration and construction of river, lake, wetland, dam removal, and aquatic ecosystems. Since 1983, we have integrated natural sciences with water resources engineering to create long term sustainable design solutions for stream and river restoration.  Our design approach assesses natural and man-made conditions to provide a balance between human use and natural habitat.  We assist municipal agencies, non-profit organizations, private land owners, and land developers with watershed scale planning and with design and restoration of urban, rural and wild rivers, streams and floodplains.  With planning and analysis, we provide design-build and complete design-bid-build engineering services through construction oversight and performance monitoring.


Forest Service Shield Logo

Forest Service Eastern Region Logo
US Forest Service - Eastern Region (http://www.fs.fed.us/r9/)
The mission of the U.S. Forest Service is to sustain the health, diversity, and productivity of the Nation's natural resources.  The Eastern Region of the U.S. Forest Service is rich in water.  More than 962,000 acres of lakes, two million acres of wetlands, and 15,000 miles of streams provide clean drinking water for communities, healthy habitat for fish and wildlife, and recreational opportunities for millions of visitors.  Partnerships are critical in our mission to sustain world-class natural resources and diverse recreation, for the use and enjoyment of all.  Today the region works hard with partners to improve the condition of area watersheds.  




 Silver Sponsors

Stantec, Inc. (www.stantec.com)
Stantec is a leader in providing innovative sustainable solutions to complex environmental problems.  With offices throughout North America, Stantec employs one of the largest Ecosystem Restoration staffs in the profession.   Our Stream Restoration group focuses on using fundamental concepts in fluvial geomorphology and modern engineering principles to create geomorphically stable channels using natural channel design methods.  Additionally, we helped to bring innovation to the field of Stream Restoration through the development of the RIVERMorph software.


Little River Research and Design
Little River Research & Design (www.emriver.com)
Since 1992 Little River Research & Design has provided services in river science and conservation, including applied river geomorphology, biotechnical engineering, urban stream management, river ecosystem restoration, and science education.  LRRD also produces the Emriver series of movable bed river models for research and education.








Sponsor - Barr
Barr Engineering (www.barr.com)
Barr provides engineering, environmental, and information technology services to clients across the nation and around the world. We were incorporated as an employee-owned firm in 1966 and trace our origins to the early 1900s. Today, our nearly 400 engineers, scientists, and technical support staff in Minnesota, Michigan, Missouri, and North Dakota work with clients in numerous industries, as well as at all levels of government.




Bronze Sponsors

Sponsor - HRGreen
HR Green (www.hrgreen.com)
HR Green, Inc. is a professional engineering and technical consulting firm serving clients throughout the United States and beyond. HR Green has developed a team of water resource engineering specialists, environmental scientists and design engineers that can execute effectively on all sizes of water resource design tasks and studies in the areas of storm water and erosion control improvements, storm sewer design, pond design, alternative BMP design, stream and wetland restoration and water resource planning studies. We have extensive BMP design experience and interest in innovative solutions. We also provide services in Transportation, Water/Wastewater, Governmental Services, Senior Living and Energy.



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