2012 Technical Program

The following is the final oral technical program for the 2012 UMSRS.  Some presentations are available by clicking on the titles below.  If you are interested in the 2012 UMSRS posters, please visit the Posters page.

Abstracts for the session presentations are linked here.


Sunday, March 4, 2012

Time Start: Time End: Event/Talk Title:
1:00 5:00 SHORT COURSE: Introduction to Stream Project: Decision Analysis and Design Guidance for Stream Restoration
1:00 5:00 SHORT COURSE: Aquatic Organism Passage – Stream Simulation Design Methodology
8:00 5:00 SHORT COURSE: Hydrodynamic Modeling with the Adaptive Hydraulics (AdH) Finite Element Code
6:00 7:00 Kickoff Dinner
7:00 8:00 Invited Talk: Valuing Nature: Incorporating Ecosystem Services into Decision Making – Stephen Polasky, University of Minnesota


Monday, March 5, 2012

Time Start: Time End: Event/Talk Title:
7:30 8:30 Breakfast
8:30 9:30 Invited Talk: A Sand Country Almanac: Where we’ve been, where we’re headed, and the role of citizens with Michigan Stream Restoration Practices – Bryan Burroughs, Michigan Trout Unlimited
9:30 9:45 Break


Session 1: Stream Restoration Design Guidance

9:45 10:10 Stream Restoration Prioritization Criteria: A Systems Approach – Amanda Hillman, Minnesota DNR
10:10 10:35 The Stream Project: Decision Analysis and Design Guidance for Stream Restoration – Daniel Baker, Johns Hopkins University
10:35 11:00 Modeling in-stream structures and a low-head dam retrofit with a 2D hydraulic model – Jeff Weiss, Barr Engineering
11:00 11:25 Using instream wood characteristics to guide the restoration of agricultural headwater streams – Peter Smiley, Jr., USDA Agricultural Research Service (ARS)
11:25 11:45 Break
11:45 1:00 Lunch and Invited Talk: Deluge Dilemma: What is the role of restoration practitioners, advocates and the conservation community in the challenge of flooding? – Sara Strassman, American Rivers
1:00 2:00 Poster Session 1


Session 2: Stream Restoration, Ecology, and Aquatic Management

2:00 2:25 Brook Trout Response to Stream Realignment in Wisconsin’s Central Sands Region – John Wiater, Stantec
2:25 2:50 Restoring Urban Streams Using Hand Labor and On-Site Material – Ed Matthiesen, Wenck Associates
2:50 3:15 The unique role of winter invertebrate communities in trout streams of southeastern Minnesota – Jane Mazack, University of Minnesota
3:15 3:40 Assessment of culverts designed to meet stream simulation requirements – Bradley Hansen, University of Minnesota
3:40 3:55 Break


Session 3: Characterizing Sediment Transport in Fluvial Systems

3:55 4:20 Sediment Transport in Stream Restoration – Peter Wilcock, Johns Hopkins University
4:20 4:45 Quantifying stored sediment in southwest Wisconsin stream channels – Bob Hansis, R Hansis Consulting
4:45 5:10 Development of a comprehensive strategy for reduction of channel-derived sediment in the Minnesota River Basin – Christian Lenhart, University of Minnesota
6:15   Dinner and Drinks at The Republic


Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Time Start: Time End: Event/Talk Title:
7:30 8:30 Breakfast
8:30 9:30 Invited Talk: A Story of River Redemption - How science is working to restore lost features and creatures in the urban Mississippi River – Mike Davis, Minnesota DNR
9:30 9:45 Break


Session 4: Integrated Design and Evaluation

9:45 10:10 Combining Restoration & Hazard Mitigation: The case for dam removal in flood damage reduction – Tom MacDonald, Barr Engineering
10:10 10:35 Natural Channel Design in a Legal Ditch: Lawndale Creek – Luther Aadland, Minnesota DNR
10:35 11:00 Assessment and Monitoring of a Restoration: Lawndale Creek – Neil Haugerud, Minnesota DNR
11:00 11:25 A Historic Tale-Restoring and Reconnecting Shadybrook Creek – Jessica Hickey, Davey Resource Group
11:25 11:45 Break
11:45 1:00 Lunch and Invited Talk: St. Louis River Area Estuary - Area of Concern to Area of Recovery - A Framework for Delisting – Nelson French, Minnesota Pollution Control Agency
1:00 2:00 Poster Session 2


Session 5: Restoration in the Built Environment: Urban Stream Restoration

2:00 2:25 Trillium Site Stream Corridor Restoration Project, St. Paul, MN – Bob Fossum, Capitol Region Watershed District
2:25 2:50 Kinnickinnic River Watercourse Rehabilitation - Early Out Project – Thomas Sear, Short, Elliot, Hendrickson, Inc.
2:50 3:15 Fish Habitat Restoration Scenarios in an Urban Impaired Waterway – Philip Rury, The BioEngineering Group
3:15 3:40 Challenges of Multi-Goal Urban Stream Restoration Projects – Suzanne Hoehne, Biohabitats
3:40 3:55 Break


Session 6: Advanced Topics in Stream Restoration

3:55 4:20 Geomorphology of the Red River of the North and Tributaries and the Geomorphic Response of the Sheyenne River Diversion – Michelle Schneider, US Army Corps of Engineers
4:20 4:45 Eco-engineering on the Edge: Stream Restoration, Stabilization, and Evaluation of Risk – Dan Salas, Cardno JFNew
4:45 5:10 Combining Field and Laboratory Experiments with Numerical Simulations to Inform Stream Restoration Design – Jessica Kozarek, University of Minnesota
6:00   Dinner and Drinks at Town House Brewery


Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Time Start: Time End: Event/Talk Title:
7:30 8:30 Breakfast
8:30 11:30

Forum Discussion: Certification and Standards in Stream Restoration
Panel Speakers

Marty Melchior, Inter-Fluve, Inc.
Chris Paola, University of Minnesota
Ian Chisholm, Minnesota DNR
Troy Anderson, Applied Ecological Services

11:30 1:00 Lunch on your own!
1:00 2:30 Tour of St. Anthony Falls Laboratory, Minneapolis, Minnesota