2015 Poster Presentations

Congratulations to the 2015 Student Poster Award Winner: Britney Mosey, University of Minnesota for her poster presentation, "Impacts of low light levels in culverts on Topeka shiner and other prairie stream fish movement

The following posters were presented at the 2015 UMSRS. Links to some posters are provided below.  Access the poster abstract guide HERE.

P-01: Bank Erosion Assessment of Wilson Creek in Springfield, MO
Felix Corrodi
Missouri State University

P-02: Historical Channel Change and Disturbance Zone Formation in the Big River, SE Missouri
Marc Owen, Robert Pavlowsky, Ozarks Environmental and Water Resources Institute, Missouri State University

P-03: Sediment budgets for the Greater Blue Earth River Basin: Pleistocene base-level fall drives near-channel erosion
Martin Bevis
, Karen Gran, University of Minnesota-Duluth

P-04: Spatial and Seasonal Trends in Urban Runoff Water Quality in the Springfield, Missouri Metropolitan Area

P-05: Data Management in the Stream
Dean MattoonCity of Dubuque, Eric Schmechel, Dubuque Soil and Water Conservation District.

P-06: Modeling Stream Management through Spatially Distributed Water Control Structures in the Le Sueur Watershed with SWAT
Nathaniel Mitchell
University of Minnesota-Duluth; Se Jong Cho, Johns Hopkins University; Brent Dalzell, University of Minnesota, Karthik Kumarasamy, Utah State University, Karen Gran, University of Minnesota-Duluth

P-07: Water treatment plant improvements and the reduction of sediment phosphorus in Table Rock Lake, Southwest Missouri
Adam Mulling
, Robert Pavlowsky, Marc Owen, Missouri State University

P-08: Impacts of low light levels in culverts on Topeka shiner and other prairie stream fish movement
Britney Mosey, Jessica Kozarek, Jay Hatch, University of Minnesota

P-09: Fish and habitat response to removal of the Rockford Dam on the Shell Rock River, Iowa
Megan Thul, Greg Simmons, Gregory Gelwicks, Iowa Department of Natural Resources

P-10: Analysis of the resilience and future effectiveness of a habitat improvement project following a high magnitude flood: Sucker River, Duluth, MN
Virginia Batts
, Rebecca Eiden, Gerrit Bass, Nate Mitchell, Courtney Targos, Antoinette Abeyta, Karen Gran, University of Minnesota-Duluth

P-11: Mission Creek:  Fish Passage Design Performance Evaluation
Andrew McCoy

P-12: Mussel Community Habitat Preferences in the Upper Mississippi River, Pool 12 (Frentress Lake Area)
Michael MalonAmerican Public University; Daniel Call, Environmental Research & Information Analysts, LLC.

P-13: A Great Rivers Ecological Observatory Network (GREON) for real-time continuous water quality monitoring in the Mississippi River
John Sloan
National Great Rivers Research & Education Center; John H. Chick, Lori Gittinger  Illinois Natural History Survey; Ted Kratschmer,Michael Brennan, National Great Rivers Research & Education Center

P-14: Development of hyporheic exchange and subsurface processes following stream restoration
Stuart Baker
, Anne Jefferson, Elizabeth Herndon, Lauren Kinsman-Costello, Kent State University

P-15: Watershed Education Program: Assisting communities with watershed education and planning
Karen Terry, Eleanor Burkett, Doug Malchow, Shahram Missaghi, John Bilotta, Mary Blickenderfer, Gary Sands, University of Minnesota Extension

P-16: Stream Restoration Science and Engineering graduate program at the University of Minnesota expands
Karen Gran
University of Minnesota-Duluth, Antoinette Abeyta, University of Minnesota-Duluth and University of Minnesota, Chris Paola and Vaughan Voller, University of Minnesota

P-17: EPA's NNPM Project finds a 24 percent nitrate reduction and more diverse fishery population in a restored prairie slough(supplemental material from oral presentation)
Donald Rosebloom
Illinois U.S. Geological Survey

P-18: Making the Connection: Stream Restoration and Watershed Planning
Cecily CunzApplied Ecological Services