Become a Volunteer

PRRSUM’s success relies on community involvement and input – it is YOUR voice and engagement that allows this organization to continue providing opportunities for dialogue and networking into the future.

We have revamped our volunteer committees to allow people to get involved in various targeted committees and subcommittees. Each committee and subcommittee will have an established contact person to report to the University of Minnesota PRRSUM logistics coordinator on task progress.

We have three committees:

  • PRRSUM Planning Committee
  • PRRSUM Technical Committee (composed of four different subcommittees)
  • PRRSUM Marketing Committee 

PRRSUM Planning Committee

The PRRSUM planning committee helps envision and plan future activities and events beneficial to PRRSUM members, most notably the annual Upper Midwest Stream Restoration Symposium. The duties of this committee include helping plan overall format, timing, location, etc. for the Upper Midwest Stream Restoration Symposium and checking in regularly with the UMN PRRSUM logistics coordinator to stay updated on initiatives of technical and marketing committees. This committee can also explore the feasibility of other PRRSUM initiatives like webinars/networking/meet ups during the regular year.
Timeline and commitment estimate: 1-2 meetings/month, 5-10 hours/month. 

PRRSUM Technical Committee

The technical committee is in charge of developing the annual Upper Midwest Stream Restoration Symposium (UMSRS) technical program and technical content of other PRRSUM initiatives. Please indicate your interest below in the following subcommittees:

UMSRS Invited Speakers Subcommittee

At each UMSRS, we invite between 3-5 invited speakers. Duties for this subcommittee will include meeting to discuss potential topics/people to invite for the upcoming UMSRS, issuing invitations, and coordinating with the UMN PRRSUM logistics coordinator to make sure travel and logistics are arranged and communicated. Members of this subcommittee will also help host the invited speakers at the UMSRS.
Timeline and commitment estimate: May - September 8-10 hours, upcoming to and at UMSRS, 4-5 hours.

PRRSUM Marketing Committee

The goals of this committee are  spread the word about the UMSRS (or other PRRSUM initiatives) to various audiences. This includes:

  •  marketing the call for abstracts to various audiences (gov't, private, academic, NGOs) across the Midwest region (June - September, 10-15 hours);
  • promoting registration of the UMSRS (November through early February, 20-30 hours);
  • helping UMSRS obtain sponsorships (June - January, 10-20 hours).

We appreciate your willingness to be involved!