2013 Short Courses

Short Courses


UMSRS will offer the following pre-symposium short-courses to conference attendees.  PLEASE NOTE THE DATES OF THE SHORT COURSES.

1. Two-Stage Ditch Short Course - WEDNESDAY, February 27th, 2013; 8 am to 12 pm

Instructors:      Dr. Joe Magner, Geoff Kramer, University of Minnesota

                      Jennifer Tank and/or Rob Davis, University of Notre Dame

                      Jon Witter, Ohio State University

Length:            Half day ($100)

Prerequisites:  None

This workshop will present information on the two-stage ditch design an alternative approach to traditional trapezoidal ditch construction and maintenance practices.  The workshop will cover basic principles of two-stage channels and present specific information on water quality, biology, and economic considerations for implementation.  Additional information will be provided on the design methods and software tools to aid in the planning and design phases. 

Materials that students need to bring:  NONE



2. Dam Removal Project Manager Training- Sunday, February 24th, 2013; 8 am to 5 pm

Instructors:      Sara Strassman, Director, River Restoration, American Rivers

                     Brian Graber, American Rivers

Length:           FULL day ($50)

Prerequisites:  None

This training workshop is designed for watershed groups, conservation district staff, field biologists, planners, municipal/county government employees and others who are interested in learning how to identify and manage a dam removal project.  This training starts at project identification and reconnaissance, works through hiring an engineer and fundraising, and covers issues related to public process and regulatory requirements.  We also discuss ecological benefits of dam removals, including monitoring components, we ahre "things that went wrong" and provide opportunities for experience project managers to answer questions or share success stories. 

Materials that students need to bring:  :  None, but students can submit prospective projects 1 month before the course so instructors can research 1-2 of the projects to use as examples in the course