2015 Technical Program

The following is the oral technical program for the 2015 UMSRS.  Our oral abstract guide can be accessed HERE. We will upload presentations to the website as they are approved for posting.

To access the 2015 UMSRS posters, please click HERE


Sunday, February 8th, 2015

Time Start: Time End: Event/Talk Title:
8:00 2:00 SHORT COURSE: Fish Passage Invetory and Assessment Workshop
1:00 5:00 SHORT COURSE: Riparian Restoration Workshop
6:00 7:00 Kickoff Dinner
7:00 8:00 Invited Talk: The Changing Face of River Restoration – Marty Melchior, Inter-Fluve, Inc.


Monday, February 9th, 2015

Time Start: Time End: Event/Talk Title:
7:30 8:30 Breakfast
8:30 9:30 Invited Talk: Photography and the Four-dimensional Measurement of Landscapes – Mark Fonstad, University of Oregon
9:30 9:45 Break


Session 1: Understanding Nutrient Dynamics in Streams
Moderator: Rosalyn Lehman, Iowa Rivers Revival

9:45 10:10 Floodplain restoration as a stream management strategy in the agricultural Midwest  – Sarah Roley, Michigan State University
10:10 10:35 Analyzing and Optimizing Denitrification Hot Spots in Minnesota's Surface Waters– Abigail Tomasek, St. Anthony Falls Lab, University of Minnesota
10:35 11:00 Addressing the Nutrient Driver Paradigm for Dissolved Oxygen in Small, Low Gradient Streams – Jeff Strom, Wenck Associates
11:00 11:25 Multi-Stage Open County Drain Design – Rob Myllyoja, Stantec
11:25 11:45 Break
11:45 1:00 Lunch 
1:00 2:00 Poster Session 1


Session 2: Building River Complexity
Moderator: Bob Gubernick (USDA Forest Service)

2:00 2:25 Engineering considerations for large wood in streams – Marty Melchior, Inter-Fluve, Inc.
2:25 2:50 Oxbow Restoration for Habitat and Water Quality Improvement – Chris Jones, Iowa Soybean Association
2:50 3:15 The original ecological engineer: What North America’s largest rodents can teach us about managing hydrology. – Suzanne Hoehne, Biohabitats, Inc.
3:15 3:30 Break


Session 3: Interdisciplinary Partnerships in Stream Restoration
Moderator: John Thomas, Hungry Canyon Alliance

3:30 3:55 Fishers & Farmers Partnership:  Using Social and Scientific Tools to Enhance Conservation Across the Upper Mississippi River Basin – Heidi Keuler, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service/Fishers & Farmers Partnership
3:55 4:20

EPA's NNPM Project finds a 24 percent nitrate reduction and more diverse fishery population in a restored prairie slough– Donald Rosebloom, Illinois USGS

4:20 4:45 Challenging the Way We Consider Iowa Rivers  – Mimi Wagner, Iowa State University
6:00   Vinny's Italian Restaurant


Tuesday, February 10th, 2015

Time Start: Time End: Event/Talk Title:
7:30 8:30 Breakfast
8:30 9:30 Invited Talk:  River Restoration Writ Large - Science Underlying the Missouri River Recovery Program – Robb Jacobson, USGS Columbia Environmental Research Center
9:30 9:45 Break


Session 4: Restoring Ecological Function in Streams
Moderator: Amy Anderson, Barr Engineering

9:45 10:10 Selection of plants for restoration along waterways in changing climate conditions – John Chapman, University of Minnesota, Minnesota Erosion Control Association
10:10 10:35 Response of stream ecosystem structure and function to restorations in urban watersheds – Peter Levi, University of Wisconsin-Madison
10:35 11:00 Sediment transport, geomorphic and hydrologic analyses for urban channel improvement – Ben Lee, Inter-Fluve, Inc.
11:00 11:25 Stream Restoration and the use of Nationwide Permit 27 (NWP 27) – Al Frohlich, US Army Corps of Engineers - Rock Island District
11:25 11:45 Break
11:45 1:00 Lunch
1:00 2:00 Poster Session 2


Session 5: Stream Pollutant Management
Moderator: Michelle Larson, US Army Corps of Engineers

2:00 2:25 Watershed Pollutant Load Monitoring Network: Data for Tracking and Determining Pollutant Sources, and Source Contributions – Pat Baskfield, Minnesota Pollution Control Agency
2:25 2:50 Concentrations in Sedimentation: Effects of Mining within Streams of the Dubuque Area – Kyle Leytem, University of Dubuque
2:50 3:15 Riparian Corridor Protection as a Watershed Restoration Tool in the Missouri Ozarks – Joe Pitts, James River Basin Partnership
3:15 3:30 Break


Session 6: Fish in Midwest Streams
Moderator:  Dale Higgins, USDA Forest Service

3:30 3:55 A Scientific Basis for Restoring Fish Spawning Habitat in the St. Clair and Detroit Rivers of the Laurentian Great Lakes – David Bennion, U.S. Geological Survey - Great Lakes Science Center
3:55 4:20 Effects of the Vernon Springs Dam modification on fishes in the Turkey River, Iowa – Gregory Gelwicks, Iowa Department of Natural Resources
4:20 4:45 Experiments on Culvert Design for Fish and Aquatic Organism Passage in Minnesota – Jessica Kozarek, University of Minnesota
6:00   L. May Eatery


Wednesday, February 11th, 2015

Time Start: Time End: Event/Talk Title:
7:30 8:30 Breakfast
8:30 11:30

General Panel Discussion: Extreme Events and Stream Restoration
Moderator: Karen Gran, University of Minnesota, Duluth
Panelists: Marty Rye (Forest Service), Bob Gubernick (Forest Service), Chris Kleist (City of Duluth), Ray Wolf (NOAA)